Pediatric sedation recertification examines pediatric anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and patient selection as it applies it to enteral sedation in dentistry. The most common sedative agents, techniques and routes of administration (oral, IV, Nasal, SQ, IM) are analyzed along with dosing recommendations and the importance of diligent monitoring and records keeping required for a pediatric patient are reinforced. Our Dental Sedation Continuing Education Program is included with airway management of a sedated patient; office based medical emergencies and drug box assembly. Our interactive didactics along with simulated case scenarios using manikins produce a stress free team-learning environment where practitioners develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become proficient sedation providers.


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Pediatric Level 1 Initial Certification

Pediatric Level 1 Sedation Recertification

Pediatric Level 2 Sedation Recertification

BEHAVIOR Management Techniques and Protective Stabilization in Pediatric & Special Needs Patients


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