Frequently asked questions

How To Print CE Certificates?

In order to print or save your CE certificates as PDF, please follow the instructions on the video. Setting changes will be depended on user’s current monitor resolution. If you need any additional help, please contact and we will get back to you promptly. CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO

If I am from another state, can I take a course at Southwest Sedation Education to satisfy the CE credit I need?

We are a nationally approved PACE program provider. If your state allows, our courses should satisfy the CE requirements.

What Level Sedation Permit Renewal Should I Take?

If you are sedating with only one agent, you should take the Adult or Pediatric Level I course.


If you are sedating with two or more agents, you should take the Adult or Pediatric Level II-III course.

How Often Do I Have To Renewal My Sedation Permit?

It is mandatory to have your sedation permit renewed every 2 years. Failure to do so will have your permit expired so therefore, you would have to retake the Initial courses. We will automatically remind you when your permit is up for renewal if have taken a course with us. 

What Are Hybrid Courses?

Hybrid courses consist an online portion that must be completed prior to the in-person class meeting. This will satisfy the total CE hours needed for that particular course. If online courses are not done prior to the class meeting, you will not be able to attend the in-person course.

Do You Offer Nitrous Oxide Course?

We currently do not offer Nitrous Oxide course. However, you may reach your school to find the latest course date if you want to get a certificate for it. Nitrous Oxide is not a controlled substance and it is not considered an agent within your sedation permit.

Do You Offer The Initial Level 2 : Moderate Enteral Sedation Permit For Dentists (Texas)?

We are currently in beta. We will be announcing a few new courses in the upcoming summer/fall. Please follow our social media for the latest updates.

I am an AGD member, do I have to submit to obtain credit from attending your courses?

On your behalf, we will submit the CE credit to AGD accordingly once your AGD number is provided. Please email us your AGD number once you have completed your course for us to submit course attendance.

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