On-Site Office Emergency Preparedness Evaluation & Mock Inspection

The on-site course is a full day educational program designed to help your office establish emergency preparedness policies and procedures (specific to your permit). It will also help facilitate compliance with TSBDE rules 110.14 & 110.15 which mandates all dentists to simulate office emergencies utilizing a team approach and maintain staff training logs, emergency equipment readiness log and emergency drug logs to name a few. We will provide all the required forms or templates and educate you on running a code as the team leader. The course is designed and optimal for a group of 6-8 people which all should be part of the emergency response team. You may have 2-3 observes but they will not be part of the code team nor will they receive any CE credits.

There is a 2 hour lecture on office emergencies and emergency drug box assembly followed by emergency simulations (syncope, asthma, chest pain, cardiac arrest, CVA and etc…) utilizing high fidelity computerized manikins until you and your staff is comfortable with their specific duties during an emergency (TSBDE Rule 110.14 & 110.15). Depending on your practice BLS, ACLS and PALS concepts are reinforced.

Members of the emergency team will receive 6-8 hrs of continuing education. The CE credits received will suffice your sedation permit renewal’s biannual requirement. The last hour or so of the course is focused on a mock office inspection using a checklist similar to the boards. Cost of course may vary depending on your location and travel time.


On-Site Office Emergency Preparedness Evaluation & Mock Inspection



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