Pediatric and High-Risk Sedation Update

Does your office administer Nitrous or Sedation? The Texas State Dental Board (TSBDE) has recently changed the rules governing the use of nitrous oxide and all levels of sedation. This article will bring awareness to Texas dentists and try to rectify confusion with the recently adopted rules. 

TSBDE rules 110.13, 110.14 and 110.15 were adopted in May 2018 and apply to all permit holders in Texas. Sedation Rules 110.16 (High Risk), 110.17 (Pediatric) and 110.18 (Inspection of Sedation Providers) were adopted in September 2018 and apply to level 2, 3 and 4 permit holders. Here is the article I have written in the North Texas Dentistry magazine which will help you navigate and understand the sedation rules when you administer nitrous or sedation:


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